The Schillerkiez map is my handmade drawing / collage with all the nicest bars, cafes and outdoors of the lovely Schillerkiez area.

You can hang it on the wall as a drawing, but it also it serves as a little guide for the district with the short history of the neighborhood.

The Kiezkarte can be ordered directly from me (see contact) or purchased from the Lipopette cafe in Warthestr.9.

Price: 10e

Size: A1


The Elephant and the Parrot apartments are located in this area in the Northern Neukölln on Selchowerstraße,
where you find yourself surrounded by two big parks, beautiful old buildings from the 20’s,  emerging new bars and galleries, playgrounds for kids, bakeries, and kebab of course! The nice thing about Neukölln is its authenthicity and the mixture of people with different backrounds.  Al little bit further you can find an arabic district in Sonnenallee, turkish market in Maybach Ufer and the young crowds in the funky bars of Weserstrasse.