The Mrs. Blacks House website serves to present the Mrs Blacks House guesthouse that I founded in 2011, as well as a platform to exhibit my artistic projects.

Mrs Blacks house started as a small family project in 2011. It was created by combining artistic and creative crafts and business skills of a small group of enthousiastic people ( Webdesign: Stanislav Ploski, Soundtrack: Sanja Miletovic, Assistent in business concept and  overall realisation: Wahid El Solh) whom I asked for help in order to fulfill my dream of creating the guesthouse I had in mind.

The guesthouse is operating in the two apartments ( Elephant and Parrot) that you find more information about in their own categories. The rental generates my basic income, so by booking one of the apartments you are also contributing in supporting my art, as art as anything else is concieved of time.

I also warmly invite you to take a look at my other projects here on the website.