Imagine a flow,
Imagine a tree
Imagine a chain of mountains.

Imagine a molecule.

Imagine a city with its roads.

Imagine DNA.
Imagine wireless.

Imagine you
Imagine your parents and their parents and so on until our common ancestors.

Imagine life.

Collect items, objects, clothes that mean something to you.

Select things, which represent your identity, your force, and your emotions.

Surround yourself with these things and sit down in front of me, and let the daylight reveal your being and your treasures.

Let me capture you like this in a portrait.

You are my sister.
I know you are powerful. Appear to me.


A photo serie of Aino El Solh shot in the Panorama flat on the 19.1. 2016

(Photographer: Vika Valter / Models: Islaja, Galya Chikiss, Corinne Armen, Aino El Solh)